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All production efforts are based around limiting waste and are carried out with a sustainable ethos in mind. 100% of fabric offcuts and scraps are saved from landfill and donated to a local sporting manufacturer for the stuffing of Boxing bags to be recycled. Any remaining rolls of fabric from production are sold to Fashion and Design institutions below cost to aid in the development of the
local industry. A strict recycling regiment is implemented with all paper and patterns being separated from fabric offcuts and recycled properly each week.

No animal products are used in the production of our garments. Our fabric suppliers ensure to abide by all health and safety requirements and use the most efficient water wise machines for the dying process. Often fabrics are selected from remanent rolls from external large-scale production that would otherwise be intended for landfill and repurposed into the seasonal collections.


Having cultivated a close-knit team Dan and Nina take pride in the intimate nature of their working foundations and their ability to remain authentic to their designs. Maintaining a high-quality experience takes precedence in the bespoke nature of their service.

Maintaining a fair work environment and close relationships with contractors and suppliers is something that has been crucial to the success of the brand. Longstanding relationship with the same production team since the brands begging in February 2005 ensures that transparency and ethical
standards are upheld.

Dan and Nina are honoured to be able to have the opportunity to work with a West Australian owned and run manufacturer who has been in business since 1989. Denise, the owner has been a significant staple in the bespoke nature of One Fell Swoop’s manufacturing process. High working conditions and support of her staff are paramount to the running of her business.

One Fell Swoop are passionate about championing young talent and local workers. Long standing relationships with secondary and tertiary institutions have created an internship program that aims to provide students with valuable first had experience within the industry.