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THE OFS BRIDESMAID: In Conversation with Nina & Dan - One Fell Swoop

THE OFS BRIDESMAID: In Conversation with Nina & Dan

Daniel: As fashion and culture evolves and continues to embrace inclusivity, diversity, and individuality, so have the ideas and values of relationships - the traditional style of marriage and weddings has changed. Our modern-day brides are strong, discerning, capable women, suggesting an exciting shift away from ‘damsels in distress’ bound by traditional stereotypes and ideals. The ladies by her side can now complement this with chic, effortless and timeless designs, rather than being forced into wearing the same wretched frock that will never see the light of day again. One should insert a witty comment about ladies in waiting here!


Nina: Step outside of the silhouette box for a minute and try something you wouldn’t normally think would suit you, you might be surprised. Key silhouettes for this year are still emerging post lockdown. We are definitely fond of the midi to maxi length styles and not in favour of harsh blunt hemlines. Silhouettes that move and glide through spaces and drape effortlessly across the body are a win for us. 


Daniel: Excellent tailoring and delicate draping that creates fluid dresses with purpose and precision. The focus is more on effortless uniformity inspired by the individual style and figure of each bridesmaid. We adore a romantic dress with dark, ‘un-princess-y’ undertones and steer away from anything you would call ‘conventionally sexy’.


Daniel: Rather than a ‘bang for a buck’ attitude, our customers seem to be making a more conscious decision about sustainability.  At One Fell Swoop, we endeavour to create garments that offer a timeless keepsake memento. We find with our brides; they are no longer dictating what is to be worn, finding the majority come to us knowing what One Fell Swoop offers, and ask each of the lady’s what style they love and best represents them.


Nina: Subtlety and attention to detail would be our recommended approach for these occasions. The pieces you choose to wear should be chosen with precision. 

One Fell Swoop takes pride in creating a bespoke experience that is tailored to each individual client. Working with a local team who make quality garments for all generations, sizes and body types. One Fell Swoop endeavours to provide our customers with unique, timeless pieces whilst maintaining an excellent standard of service.

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